About us

The Spanish sandals company was originally conceived in Barcelona but developed in Los Angeles. Bhupi, a globetrotter and the founder of the Spanish Sandals company, fell in love with these sandals while living in Barcelona for 3 years. It seemed everyone was wearing these edgy Spanish style flip flops, even the Spanish royal family.

Now living in Los Angeles, she is bringing these cool sandals on this side of the Atlantic so that everyone can enjoy them.

The sandals, called « avarcas » in Spanish but often referred to as « menorquinas » (in reference to the region of Spain they originally are from, Menorca) were originally developed a hundred years ago for farmers working in the fields under harsh conditions; made from natural leather and recycled tires they were meant to last and offer comfort and protection to farmers’ feet.

Fast forward to today they are still manufactured in the same way, in Spain and are available in a wide variety of colors for men, women and children.


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